Catholic Aviation Association


Aviation guild unified in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world in the Catholic tradition
using aviation as an evangelizing tool, faithful to the Magisterium and all for the glory of God.

Faith. Flying. Fellowship.

The purpose of Catholic Aviation Association is to promote and spread the Gospel message, engaging the influence of the aviation community and using its resources for that purpose. By Christian example and word, we seek to bring as many souls to Jesus Christ as possible.

Faith. Flying. Fellowship.

We are faithful to the Magisterium and we recognize that all we do is for the glory of God and to build the kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth utilizing the unique gifts we have been given.

Faith. Flying. Fellowship.

Through our global reach in aviation, we have an opportunity to spread the Gospel.

Faith. Flying. Fellowship.

We intend to plan and execute activities which bring together members of the aviation community for the purpose of evangelization catalyzed by fellowship and mutual encouragement.

Patronage. Seeking Heaven's favor and intercession.

Catholic Aviation Association is under the patronage of St. Joseph of Cupertino and Our Lady of Loreto. Join us in praying that through our work God's will be done.



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