Catholic come home.


That you were placed in this time and place was no accident because there are no accidents, no coincidences in the divine economy.
Come home and be a part of the glorious campaign to be waged against the forces of darkness.
For this you will be hated, despised, mocked and demonized by many rich, powerful and popular, same as for many righteous men and women throughout history.
But the benefits are out of this world.
That it requires a spiritual imagination which few will seek out makes it even more exciting. Your mission includes rounding up those souls and bringing them to salvation.
Why would you attend so thoroughly to the details of your life and leave this only to subjective feelings?
That this has everything to do with where you will spend eternity should command your attention and be subject to the most thorough investigation you will ever undertake.

You can do this. You must do this for yourself and those you love.

--inspired in part by and dedicated to the memory of our beloved daughter Katherine (Katie) Garrity

Saturday, November 12, 2022


"I have always thought there is too much evidence of a higher power (just try to make even a single leaf without raw materials, much less a rainbow; we can’t) to ignore the idea. The glimpses we get of higher love, even amongst ourselves, bear even more witness to whatever source power you choose to believe in and whatever you want to call it. I was glad to find there is similarly LOTS of evidence of a soul life after our physical bodies can’t sustain life on earth anymore due to cancer, terminal illness, an accident…or if you’re really lucky, old age. Raymond Moody’s Life After Life was a groundbreaking book when it first came out. Now, there is a whole genre of books about patients’, caregivers’, and families’ experiences at the end of life. Most of the stories have at least a dozen elements in common (the bright light, floating above your body, meeting soul mates etc.). This is not my first reading of these books, but it’s certainly the most focused. Can they all be wrong? No way. It’s a mystery but not without clues."

Sunday, October 2, 2022

This video isn't a theoretical work. It is what scripture and the early Church Fathers say happens at every Mass.


Some interesting quotes from the comments section of Bishop Barron's video: God, Elon Musk and Space:

"I am a physicist/climatologist. My sister is a mathematician/ecologist. We both are practising Catholics. Probably God is the greatest mathematician and physicist, running the Universe. I would add that all our physical and other scientific laws and discoveries are but a faint shadow or glimmer of what the Universe/Creation actually is, paraphrasing St Paul. "
--Pablo Canziani

"Since I became a committed Catholic Christian in high school, I have always rejoiced in my scientific exploration as an journey to see God at work in His creation. Indeed, my faith has made me more innovative as I do not feel as tethered to small incremental understandings that science can often get bogged down in. Now as a tenured professor with a bustling group of scientists and post-docs, I still revel in the newness of a truth that we find in our day to day lives. Hopefully, I can bring that revelry in God's creation to my students." --Prof. Peter Pensive

"I teach public high school Biology, Chemistry, and math and I’m always surprised at the reaction I get when adults and students find out I converted to Catholicism (from nothing) as an adult after studying science in college and being raised without any faith discussion in my house, although I always seemed to have a grasp of God but not religion. I’ve found that the more I study science, especially evolutionary biology, chemistry, and physics, the more my faith grows and how clearly the two are connected. After all, “we are all made of star stuff” --Rachel Schneider

Friday, September 30, 2022


I find this near death experience (NDE) story fascinating (click the link). I've had my own experience and my aunt Carol had a similar experience. Some of the NDE's are rather suspect but in the three of which I have direct knowledge, the common elements are interesting, though my own thought is that God can vary the details of the person's experience according to the need of the individual. Ed and I have become friends. He is a pilot formerly with FedEx. He had to take leave owing to health issues. His website, Presence of God Encounters, is on my home page. I hope you will enjoy this video:

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